Membership Information

To apply as an Active Member, the ownership of a purebred, registered Chow Chow is desirable; however, ownership is not a prerequisite to becoming a member of the Club. A prospective member shall attend at least two (2) regular meetings before an application for membership will be voted upon. Applicant must read and agree to abide by the Pacific Northwest Chow Chow Club's Constitution and By-Laws. Applicant must agree to promote the breed and support the Specialty Shows, as well as other Club activities. Only active members in good standing are eligible to vote and hold an office or board position.

To apply for an Associate Membership, the requirements are the same, except the attendance of the two meetings is waived. Associate Membership entitles a person to all the privileges of the Club except for voting and holding office.
Applicant must be in good standing with the American Kennel Club. Applicant agrees to abide by the Rules and Regulations and By-Laws of the American Kennel Club.

For more information about our Club and to obtain an application packet, please contact our CLub President,
Rod Jaeger

Thank you!
Yearly dues are $15, and are due the end of March.  Any dues paid after September of any year carry through to the next year.
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